With the pandemic spread and the lockdown, there had been a global slow down for many things. Do you think so? Ask your mother. She will beg to differ. From the moment it's declared, panic was seen everywhere, maids on leave, shops closed, offices and trains closed but kitchen, oh that’s functioning full time, rather over time. With no availability of maids, house help and a house full situation 24x7 she is pretty much overburdened and adds an extra seasoning of pressure if she is working from home. Why do you think is the scenario still this way? Its high time you think about changing. Well by force only we learn things and eventually wise learn quickly but the once who resist change and adapt to these changing times will fall prey to lots of emotional and physical health issues. Why? Just think about it, if there is no peace at home front how will your productivity increase. If there is no change done to adapt to the changes in the environment, how will you survive without any collisions? The only things that will be there is STRESS, STRESS, AND STRESS, which leads to lots of dependence on medications for physical and mental ailments. Is it the thing you want to see yourself in?

So if you don’t want to suffer and want to come out as a winner in all areas of your life — personal, professional, social, economical and even virtual, you definitely should follow these time tested 11 simple things and inculcate that in your life.

1. Co-operate — Accept things happening and that even you play a role in the damage ecosystem outside and equally if you want to prevent damage happening within your house play your part. Nothing can come for free and so adapt the nature’s way — which means even taking part in household activities and gradually doing your share

2. Cohesive — COVID expects you to act cohesively — like a team. The way we need the ecosystem to be in sync with all animals, viruses, and bacterias acting for our harmonious life, we also need to be acting like a team in the house. Issues in the house should no longer a headache for the female in the house. Participate in buying stuffs not just in and post lockdown for a while, but on a regular basis. The balance has to be maintained. Else the female falling sick makes the entire house collapse or poor female has to shut her mouth and keep dwindling from within. Get wise and listen to her unspoken cries the way now you have opened your ears to listen to the nature’s fury.

3. Contentment — This pandemic put many things at test. Only those who were actually contented with what they have or had were not living in scarcity, rather felt help received, blessed and lucky. Gratitude for the roof above your head, a family to be with and food to eat are some of those things that we take for granted completely. Thanking will multiply the blessings and a feeling of contentment indicates faith in the higher power that you will be taken care of. So accept with grace what is arranged for on a regular basis be it at the level of food or stuffs not just now but later too. Prevents hoarding, being greedy and unnecessary animosity even with the loved ones at times.

4. Collateral systems need to be built up; you can’t depend on old, unconventional, dogmatic theories. Instead build a parallelly sustainable, achievable realistic that keeps you sound. Train even the boys in the house, not just girls. They too have to survive.

5. Concentrate — a rare chance that you never again will you get. You will realize that its one chance with not as many distractions of movies, parties, marriages, or functions, so you can actually concentrate on the things in your hand. It will change a lot about the understanding you have about yourself. A time which can either make you or break you. Decide. Concentrate with mindfulness on the things you do in the family, now and later. Your knowledge will not only increase, your skills of listening too will. Your patience will improve and so will your perseverance.

6. Collect — the necessary things and essentials as survival stuff this COVID pandemic showed. Hoarding on excess is no good that to of the things that we cannot use for day to day survival no matter how rich you are. Value therefore the food cooked and emotions stirred in it.

7. Comorbid — health and common sense is utmost important for survival, the once with comorbidities were at high risk. Its high time you take your health seriously and chalk your day out. eat good, think good. Have less of fear and faith more. So take your health as your responsibility instead of letting the female in the house stay on toes for your health. She has her health too. Isn’t she important and worthy of living a healthy state?

8. Communicate — with the busy schedule and the hooking on to the electronic gadgets it's rarely seen that there is a system of eating and praying or chatting together. These electronic gadgets have given many virtual friends but alas it was family that stood by in these trying times. Isn’t it worth communicating instead of just adding on to the list of virtual friends and sharing your emotions actually? You might have had not so great experiences but nevertheless, let the others open up by you being a listener, it's not just a mother who has to be an emotional anchor for all, its each ones responsibility too, even she needs an anchor.

9. Cope up — nothing lasts forever. Do hyper react. The situation is stressful for all, not just you, even parents, senior citizens, working people who lose jobs, kids as they get on the online mode and even for mothers who are juggling between earlier work pattern and adjusting with so many members in the house always demanding things with no maid and no time for her. Develop your resilience now. Be mindful of what you do. Else your health will add further stress on the female in the house.

10. Consistent — Don’t just do once, now, do it regularly. Be it food, exercise, meditation, self-development, studying, or even helping. Do it regularly. Only then it shows you are genuine and authentic. You can fool others but not yourself. An what’s the use of fooling. Look at the advantages as you gain mastery and become skilled in things that you do consistently.

11. Contribute — it’s not luck that gets success. Its what you give back for being thankful for what you have received that makes you happy and peaceful while you reach success. in whatever form, contribute. Start it from home.

Do you really think these things are do-able and logical? I feel your macrocosm is the reflection of the microcosm that’s in you, your cell, your brain, and your thoughts. for a revamped stress-resilient life of yours, all should be equally participating, but that begins with you. You have to be the change to bring the change is rightly said by someone. Do you agree with this?

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Dr Tarul Jadhav

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