Why Should You as A Mother Manage Your Stress Effectively Now…?

Motherhood isn’t easy, it has it’s set of challenges. Unique to all. Blessed are the ones who find their way smoothly. My heart goes out to those who are still struggling. Being a mother myself to a 6yrs old kid, I know what it is like. I have lived life of many mothers, I won’t hesitate in saying, as I was fortunate to have treated them and heard their stories mixed with all possible things not shown even in movies. It’s a big salute to them all. We too have learnt through our mother, her actions, her behavior, her gestures all I must say helped us understand the world for us. Through her we saw how our environment is. Or is it happy, stressful, threatening or best place to explore!

But in the last few days what I have come across has made me wonder, where are we heading actually. So many cases of depression, anxiety and stress are seen amongst middle aged women, esp. the mothers. Not just that, even in a country like Japan, which is supposed to be following ethics of living a healthy life hasn’t been left unaffected. Maximum cases of mothers committing suicide due to stress has come up as a shock. India too is in poor mental health, now given the fact that most of the mothers are overworking due to either work from home or all family members in home and no help. The mother is getting overburdened and stressed out.

Suicide, comes up as an ultimate option, building in silently, but we can do something in the building up stage too. We can do a lot. But its now only in the mothers hand completely. Unless she decides, she can’t. I know for sure, because I have been through that low phase, where had I not taken charge, perhaps, I wouldn’t be writing this post to tell you take charge.

Here are 5 solid reasons convincing enough to you as to why you should be managing your stress effectively now.

2. Biggest Influencer — Kids will imitate how you react, respond — Its often said that during pregnancy the mother should always be in the best mental health, thinking, reading and doing good things, so that the child stays stress free. Perhaps our ancestors forgot to emphasis on the later part too which I believe is that beyond pregnancy, post delivery and so long as she is alive from here on, she’s gotto be staying mentally healthy. I know this is too much. Healthy here means its her responsibility and duty to stay healthy emotionally and mentally not just suppress the emotions. Understand them, value them and manage the stress while growing where you are planted by accepting acknowledging and aspiring whatever you want. We often suppress our anger, feel overburdened, cant speak up and feel suffocated, expressing it through our body. And our kid imitates that too. The child will imitate his mother’s fear, self-worth, self confidence, the ability of his mother to stay on to her commitments, her anger, her frustration, her way of talking, her likes and dislikes and her nature, her anxieties, insecurities, her ability to be hopeful or give up, her ability to voice out and even her ability to respect her ownself. All this and many more her child imitates. Aren’t they going to add stress in his life as well.

3. You set an Example Of How Other Females and You should Be Treated — We have been grilled to sacrifice, tolerate for kids and family. Most mothers I know suffer in silence, no matter how high their social status is. When it comes to family, their crown is on the floor, not outside which they are willing to keep. Most mothers don’t experience the privilege of voicing their opinion, making a decision or even having their desires met. Result. They groom their daughter training them that this is their fate, you have to as a mother kill your dreams, compromise and live with it. And the boys are taught they will be getting a woman who does the same, if she doesn’t he is ok getting violent to fit her into the image created by his mother. Mothers are supposed to be like my mother, is what we believe and live often tolerating the stress that is silently killing us.

4. Even if you Hide Your Stress Today You are Spilling Stress For Generations To Come — You may not even know, but your stress, the negative vibes you ae unknowingly generating are now affecting your family. In the form of frustration. Perhaps the earliest victims to your stress which might show up as excessive pampering or hurt ful talks, will be your kids. Who obviously will get hurt, pile it and spill it in the environment they move around. You don’t believe, watch out for the kids who had abusive and alcoholic parents, how are they, most would resort to alcohol and get abusive and violent unless mindfully decide to cut the chain. Not just that, you as a mother who will be perhaps closest member to your kids spouse will end up expecting the same from your daughter in law, you got pain now you want to give pain. This is at a very subconscious level. If you realize things happening to you, you will at ones think of forgiving your mother in law who was a victim of all the negative programming. If you don’t cut the chain of becoming amongst the hurt people to hurt, you will continue this for a legacy to follow through your daughter in law and daughter’s kids. Is that a fair deal.

5. If You Manage Your Stress Well and Get Resilient — Now this is something that you should be surprised. Initially it seems like a mammoth task, but gradually becoming self reliant, with lots of self love and self approval starts build up happiness in you. You radiate happiness. With the optimism that’s set in now you become more confident, decisive and have confidence of going through the adversities as you now understand the purpose and life with faith. Now this is gradual but happens. So when you are happy. People around will see the happiness spilling and in turn will spill happiness. What you call as a butterfly effect or the ripple effect will now set in. Your kids will be happy and develop resilience. Isn’t that awesome? Don’t we want a better world? What a better way than this to make the world a better place to live in.

Its said that “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”. I am a dreamer then. I want to see a better happier safer and a resilient world then. And I know it for sure, none other than a Mother can do it. After all, God could not be everywhere so he has made a Mother, to shape, change and make a better world.

So mommies, what are you waiting for, lets get resilient and rock the world.

Who is joining me, I am waiting for YOU…



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