How To Make 2020 End On A Good Note

Hardly a few days left and soon we will be stepping into a new year — 2021. How was this year if I would ask, many would say, not worth mentioning, or wish if we could erase it or quite stressful? Well given these reactions and the emotional baggage of 2020 with the covid19 pandemic anyone would blindly say that in the coming year's cases of physical and mental health illness will be on rising. 2020 was a year that has gone down the history where things have happened at such a magnanimous amount at such a rate that it’s gonna be spoken off for years and its effect will continue to be seen for years to come. COVID-19 pandemic that we have lived in with a global affection seen from the 1st quarter of the year itself with its repeated outburst happening at every other month in so many countries. We have never lived in that complete lockdown which showed us not just how unpredictable life is, but how weak we are in front of nature. The pandemic affected all — effects were seen at so many levels — economic, getting sacked from job, financial strains, loss of loved ones or health worries and food supplies shortage in the earlier days of lockdown. We have been living it and with the intermittent wave forms of COVID-19 the rising in cases we still feel gitters, wondering, what if…? With these worries and all the negative news and happenings around that have shaped us actually, do you think you are actually you can move without the residual effects of the trauma suffered.

Well, I too have had my share of stressful, depressive moments like you might have. But thankfully Since more than a year now that I am seeing myself practicing these things, I see my movement forward with less badges and able to move out with bit ease. I have my lessons that I am learning, I won’t deny, but applying few things is making me learn lessons quicker. That’s why with the new year coming in few days I take it as an opportunity to share with you these things, so that you just don’t have 2021 as just another year in your calendar, or just another candle on your cake. But I want you to age gracefully beginning from 2021 so that you see yourself having a stress resilient life. So that you just don’t see yourself breaking and making resolutions but outliving the desire to make resolutions. Don’t weigh yourself so much with an added pressure and heightened expectations from self. It’s good to set a target indeed, the joy of reaching there is just amazing. But break it up into pieces and just Let Go……………………………………….

1. LET GO OF THE COMPARISON you are subjecting yourself to. Accept your self first. A big tight hug and I LOVE YOU is what you too deserve for making it till 2020. You had your own battles, your struggles and look you have won. Celebrate that. And thank the universe for helping you. The more you thank the more of goodies flow and more of happiness you have in you.

2. LET GO OF THE URGE TO COMPETE. It had been earlier survival of the fittest, now with so many doctors and hospitals it’s easy. Also you have everything enough at your disposal and you will be given enough, have faith and simply glide with joy. Celebrate this abundance that you have around.

3. LET GO OF THE DESIRE TO PLEASE PEOPLE, anyone it be and for any reason whatsoever. Once you become a people pleaser you will always be doing it, neglecting your own mind and body that needs to be pleased. Don’t eat coz you want to keep someone happy, don’t behave in a particular way so that you have peace around. You are becoming a dormant volcano in the bargain only to burst when you expect it the least. By keeping anyone happy you can never be happy, unless you are in the happy state always, unless you love and pay attention to yourself. Else diseases will start creeping in and like ghost residing within, you won’t have the best of medicine acting unless you love your real self and accept the you. Celebrate the one you are now and love yourself first to stay happy.

4. LET GO OF THE NEED TO CONVINCE PEOPLE AND FEEL GUILTY for not doing your best. Everything has a time. Everyone has their lesson to learn which need not be taught by you and neither can you take the lesson for them. So simply do your best, be it love, service, help, and then let go. You need not blame yourself or feel guilty for things that society expects from you. Don’t get anti-yourself. Many diseases have their roots in this attitude. You celebrate your ability to give the best to date, you can only do your best, just focus on that and be happy guilt-free.

5. LET GO OF THE OLD DOGMAS AND CUSTOMS which are piled on you with no justifiable reason. And maybe they mean nothing to you. Let go of the desire even to please God with rituals and fasting if the real meaning behind it you can’t understand. There is a different science behind it which requires a fast at the level of mind too not just stomach. Go the simpler way, just meant for you… Don't be God-fearing, be God believing, God-loving, and having faith that when you do things in good faith only good can come your way. Celebrate your love and bonding with the higher energy and see it love you back.

6. LET GO OF THE BELIEFS THAT THIS SOCIETY TEACHES YOU unknowingly through various mediums. Follow your instincts. Love yourself. Let not the television commercials and serials firm your beliefs about things around you. Don’t get prejudiced. You lose on the joy of spontaneity and no doubt it's wise to learn from history but in the changing era, it’s also wise to let go of old beliefs to welcome the happy and prosperous change. Celebrate the senses that you have and the guidance it has always given you.

7. LET GO NOW OF THINGS YOU HOLD ON TO. Attachment is painful. Love without attachments. Difficult but blissful is the feeling. You might be attached to your house, your chair, your TV, your kids or spouse, or maybe any living or nonliving things at this moment. It does give happiness. But will the happiness persist if your chair broke, or the TV robbed? You might feel awful I know. Having your happiness hooked on to things is like living at the mercy of things around you. The switch of your happiness in the hands of these things. I don’t want to say don’t be attached to your kids, no, but don’t let your world revolve around these things. Let these things not be the source of energy and light to you. Let it come from within you. Celebrate this energy coming from within that makes you feel light and glide. Enjoy it.

8. LET GO NOW THE URGE OF FEELING DEPENDANT UPON PEOPLE AROUND YOU. You are enough to face the world. Just enough. You can bring the change you want by yourself. You can do things all by yourself. Don’t feel weak or scared of making decisions. You might fumble and fall but that’s the way even as a kid you learned to walk to. Try one more time. Celebrate the chances you get, no limits, keep trying, you are born to fly.

9. LET GO NOW OF ALL THE FEARS YOU HOLD. You don’t need to be scared of things so much that you get paranoid about things and paralyzed from fear. No one is going to change things, but you. So when you know your story why assume things and built up new stories with your negative imagination about the failure or negative things. Think positive and only positive. Celebrate this your creative thinking, you can imagine the beauty equally the way you imagined terror. Creativity at imagination to bring happiness is unique just to you. Celebrate that too.

10. LET GO OF THE DESIRE TO JUSTIFY YOURSELF ALWAYS. You are free, not a slave. Let people talk about you good or bad, don’t run about justifying your actions. They won’t change opinion, but get used to talking more about you. And you, you will just be wasting time. There are better things in your life to do, you are here for a reason, which you know, it need not be accepted or supported by them. Still live, for this reason, let go of justification. Celebrate your freedom and that feeling of light.

11. LET GO OF THE HABIT OF KILLING YOUR INNER VOICE, YOUR DREAMS, YOUR PASSION, just because you are growing up and think earning is the priority now. Your voice that you hear is for a reason. Celebrate that little voice who is still alive and raises his head within you... It didn’t die. Celebrate that.

12. LET GO OF YOUR HABIT OF HOLDING ANGER AND GRUDGES. It does more harm to you. Speak your heart out, at the right time, to the right person, in the right way when you are composed. Don’t hold. Or simply write down your feelings. The negative voices inside for self or others are enough to get you on a battery of medication soon. Watch them now. Celebrate the law of karma. You don’t waste your moments in negative pool just be happy.

13. LET GO OF THE HABIT OF PUSHING YOURSELF SO HARD ALWAYS. You aren’t a machine to operate 24x7. Take a rest. Relax. Rejuvenate. You very much deserve it. Staying overworked will stressed your mind and body. And a stressed body is the ideal ground for nurturing diseases. Celebrate with gratitude the health that you have, it’s the biggest treasures these days.

14. LET GO OF THE NEED TO FOLLOW THE NORMS OF SOCIETY WHICH MAKES YOU THINK — “WHAT WILL THEY SAY IF I DO THIS..” Just let go. Keep the child in you alive, that curiosity, that spontaneity, that optimism and ability to forgive and love all. Grow up to be the best child in your second childhood. Celebrate being alive still. Tomorrow is going to be fun.

15. LET GO OF ATTEMPTING FOR THE FEAR OF FAILURE. Who hasn’t failed? Only he who falls down can walk and stand tall, but only if he tries to get up. So, failure is a part of life. Its never a glory always or a downfall forever. It's always with ups and downs. Like the ECG graph indicating that when u r alive it’s never a straight line, it's ups, and downs that’s keeping you alive. The downs an indeed painful. But don’t give up. Keep trying. All have tasted dust. But all you may see is their crowning glory. Don’t be disheartened. It’s always darkest before the dawn.

Letting go…. Is something commonly spoken in Indian local language as “leave it, stop thinking about it”. Its right. But we don’t really know why. Letting go as a yoga student for life I feel is the toughest asana. Vairagya. Its actually something we a designed to do by default. But choose not to by environmental teaching. Think about this, what will happen if you don’t let go of your breathe that you take, urine you hold, stool you get an urge to and vomit if u experience too. You possibly cant retain anything at physical level. Why at mental level than do we hold on as if every emotion is a priced possession instead of letting it go?

We find it easy to advice, though lamely without understanding the gravity, but difficult to practice. I too haven’t mastered everything. But I am attempting and with the success in areas that I have got its surprising. So I believe with a sincere heart that, it brightens up your life more than those bright lights in the party where you dance to celebrate the coming year. Nothing against it. This time really make a promise to practice these, not superficially, but to experience a deeper meaning. Having mastered it gradually these lessons I am sure a very new you will emerge out, who will require no resolutions in the coming years, because invariably mastering these things as a penance you will develop a confidence that no one can break, the deep faith that no one will be able to shake, a better decision-making ability that will make you dependable and amazing interpersonal relationship as you will master loving without attachments, grudges. Thereby becoming the loving version of yourself.

So, begin today and just LET GO of all the badges you are carrying and are weighing you down. LET GO of these things to LET IN new changes which will help you adapt better to the newer changing world so that you age gracefully in true sense.




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